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My Little ROCK – Reliable Organised Cooking Kitchen

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope to have my basic recipe collection uploaded within the next couple of weeks. Please come back and check in on me again!

For those of you who know me I’ve been talking about publishing my recipes in a cookbook for years now……All talk and no action as some may say. Well the cookbook has now evolved into a website and I’m jumping in the deep end up and swimming as fast as I can.

Thank you to all the special people in my life who have encouraged me to follow my dreams of getting my hands somewhat dirty in the food industry. A special thank you shout out to my darling husband who has listened to my waffle for the last 20 years I LOVE YOU BABY!!!, my mum who’s a fantastic little ROCK, my Uncle Rod who’s always told me to run with what I love and my special friend Julie F who has continually supported me with encouragement over the last few years.


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