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– Freezing Tin Tomatoes –

My girlfriend Julie F told me about the idea of freezing your leftover tin tomatoes. I hate waste and every time I use ¾ of a tin and end up chucking the rest in the bin I feel that little bit of “food waste shame”. On the other hand when I run the gauntlet and decide to use the whole tin rather than just part of one the recipe ends up too runny or has an overwhelming tomato taste. This is a tip many of you will already know but it never hurts to put it out there anyway. I always buy crushed tin tomatoes so you may have to cut up and whole ones you use to fit them into the tray.

So here’s what you do:

1. Grab a plastic ice-cube tray and your leftover tin tomatoes.


2. Add your leftover tin tomatoes, each cube holds approximately 1 tablespoon.


3. Freeze.

4. Pop out the little red gems and transfer into a plastic bag to store in your freezer for when you need it.



1 cube is approximately 1 tablespoon; pop it into your cooking as required.

14 cubes is approximately 1 can (410g) of tin tomatoes; pop these into your cooking as required.

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