Wrapping your homemade treats


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Wrapping your homemade treats

– Wrapping your homemade treats –

When your gifting homemade food to family and friends why not wrap them up like a present to make them extra special. Yes I know you’ve already gone to the trouble of making the delicious gift in the first place but consider the following points:

  • It looks great!
  • You can recycle your cardboard boxes.
  • You can recycle the wrapping paper that people give you gifts in (Lets face it, sometimes the paper and bows are just so darn pretty it’s a shame to chuck it in the bin!).
  • If you’re a good recycler you’ll only need to buy some plastic lolly bags and the occasional roll of ribbon, generally you’ll have sticky tape some where around the house.
  • You don’t have to store the treats in your own containers. This can save room in the fridge and it saves you having to ask for your container back.

So here’s what you need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Cardboard (Chop up those boxes into manageable sizes and stash them in a box somewhere with your recycled wrapping paper and ribbons)
  • Sticky Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Plastic Lolly Bags


1. Grab out your paper, cardboard, sticky tape, ribbon and lolly bags. Yes I do realise I just told you to use recycled paper but at this moment in time I’ve just wrapped all my Christmas presents and the roll of wrapping paper will just end up stashed behind a door in a spare room if I don’t use it up. The same goes for the ribbon 🙂

Wrapping your homemade treats

2. Put whatever you have to wrap on top of the cardboard (Or use the cup cake paper cases to gauge the size you want).

Wrapping your homemade treats

3. Cut the cardboard to size.

Wrapping your homemade treats

4. Wrap up your cardboard.

Wrapping your homemade treats

5. Ok now go grab your treats!

Wrapping your homemade treats

6. Place the treats on the wrapped cardboard and slide them into the plastic lolly bag.

Wrapping your homemade treats

7. Tape the end of the bag up underneath the cardboard followed by the sides.

Wrapping your homemade treats

8. Grab your ribbon and run it underneath the cardboard making sure you have enough to tie it in a knot and subsequent bow.

Wrapping your homemade treats

9. Tie your knot.

Wrapping your homemade treats

10. Next slip your ribbon underneath the cardboard in the opposite direction., you just need enough to tie a knot this time.

Wrapping your homemade treats

11. Now tie your final knot.

Wrapping your homemade treats

12. To finish it off make your bow.

Wrapping your homemade treats


  • If your giving something small you always slid the cardboard to the bottom of the bag followed by the yummy treat and then tie a bow to seal the bag.

Wrapping your homemade treats

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