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– Liebster Blog Award Nominated by Down from the Door –

So much to my surprise last night I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Marta at Down from the door.

I must admit I had no idea about what the Liebster Blog Award was and after a little internet research and of course checking out the site of the person who nominated me I found out its a nomination awarded among the community of small-time bloggers by other small-time bloggers as a means to promote readership. So far I’ve found out the following information on the Liebster Blog Award:

  • This award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers.
  • It follows similar principles as a chain letter, in the sense that it should be passed forward to a certain number of people. It can be misconstrued, depending upon your personal views, as either something wonderful or as an annoyance.
  • The choice lies with the nominated person to ACCEPT it, and continue PAYING IT FORWARD or to refuse to accept it by ignoring the nomination.
  • Variations have been made over time to the “rules”.

So thanks Marta I think its a great opportunity to let some of my fellow food bloggers know that I think their doing a great job. I’m very flattered myself to find out someone looked in on my blog and thought to nominate me!

So the rules on accepting this “award” are as follows:

1. You must thank and link the blogger who nominated you.

2. You must nominate 11 other bloggers who you think deserve this award and link their blogs too. Some of the sites with information on the Liebster Award state they should only have a certain amount of followers up to a max of 3,000.

3. You must answer the 11 questions posted by the blogger who nominated you and ask 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.

4. You must notify your nominees.

The more I think about it the more I worry that the people I nominate may find this to be more annoying than flattering so regardless of whether they choose to pay it forward or not I’d like to take the opportunity to let them know that I love their site, I love their recipes and hope that they keep up the hard work so that I can enjoy their posts for years to come!

I have chosen to nominate the following food blogs:

1. Domestic Urbanite

2. A Vegan With A Plan


4. Oh, she cooks!

5. Queen Of Zucchini

6. Kain Klab

7. Vidhya’s Vegetarian Kitchen

8. the blonde tressed runner

9. Cooking with Kathy Man

10. anotherfoodieblogger

11. vannillarock

To you above nominees, I ask the following questions:

1. Why / how did you choose the name of your blog?

2. What’s your favourite dish to eat?

3. What’s your favourite dish to cook?

4. Why did you start a food blog?

5. How much time does it take in total to put a recipe online? This includes the cooking, photographing, writing, uploading etc.

6. What type of camera are you using to take photos for your blog?

7. What’s the worst cooking disaster you’ve ever had?

8. How long have you had your cooking blog?

9. Who’s your favourite cook / chef?

10. What’s your favourite cooking TV program?

11. If you could give one piece of advise to another food blogger what would it be?

As luck would have it I received my nomination from a travel writer! These are my questions and answers:

1. Why/how did you choose the blog name you did?

I’m married to a stonemason, he’s always been my rock….. Reliable Organised Cooking Kitchen is us combined….Someone get me a bucket!!!!! How sickly soppy is that!!!!

2. Is this your first blog? If yes, what do you love about it? If not, what was your old one(s) about?


3. What’s your favourite quote about travel?

Travel Quote

4. Who’s your favourite writer and why?

Probably Jamie Oliver…..he writes about the ingredients behind the recipes.

5. If you could improve one talent to its maximum ability, what would it be and why?

My photography skills, there’s an art to capturing food that makes people want to eat it.

6. What’s one perfect experience you had while traveling?

The first road trip I went on with my husband. It was the feeling of us going on our first adventure together.

7. What’s a time where you were fearful for your life while traveling?

When I was in Japan as an exchange student our tour bus had to drive through a village that had become unexpectedly flooded by torrential rain. I can remember that was kind of scary.

8. If you could meet yourself from ten years ago, what would you say to them/advice would you give? 

Chase your dreams, they wont chase you!!!!!!

9. Who has had the biggest influence on your life and how?

My grandfather, he made me see life in a different way. The every cloud has a silver lining kind of stuff.

10. If your life was a book, what genre would it be and why?

A non-fiction book about a series of missions / goals and the adventures.

11. What’s one thing no one knows about you?

I have a corno (Italian horn amulet) in my handbag that’s broken in two pieces. Its a bit of a lucky charm for me.


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11 replies

  1. Thanks for your nomination. Will take it up soon.


  2. Awesome answers! Thanks for taking the time to pass it on (I too felt a tad guilty in case anyone found it an annoyance so I’m glad you didn’t). I particularly like the answer to #1 ^ ^ keep cooking!



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