Cooking Information

My Little ROCK – Reliable Organised Cooking Kitchen

Cooking Information

Cooking Information

The following information pages have been included in My Little ROCK:

Temperatures – Some helpful temperature charts

One of those useful charts that you can never find when you need it!

Cooking Terminology – A list of cooking terms from basic to advanced

Even though I have a larger cookbook collection than most I still come across terms that I’m unsure of (Thank God for Google!). A good example of this is Coddle and yes my brain turned it into cuddle which had me giggling for a couple of hours. I will cuddle my peaches for an hour…..Lucky peaches!!!!

Cooking Equipment – A list of cooking equipment and what its used for

I swear people are coming up with more strange cooking appliances every day! There are so many out there at the moment you just cant keep up (Some of them are great but the others end up in the bin after being used a couple of times). They even have TV channels dedicated to these whiz bang appliances! If you had asked me a couple of months ago what a mouli was I would never have been able to tell you, but if you showed me one I’d tell you I’ve got one stashed in the back of the kitchen cupboard.

Measurements – A list of useful measurements that are never in the cookbook when you need them

Converting cups to millilitres, centimetres to inches (Very useful when talking to my mother!) grams to ounces etc. etc.

The Freezer – General Information on freezing food

We can always use a refresher on what to do when freezing food.

If you have any useful cooking tips that can contribute to My Little ROCK’s information pages please feel free to send them through by commenting below. Credit to your brilliant ideas and tips with be placed next to the information posted, so don’t forget to let me know who you want to be known as…….If you wish to be know as the magic unicorn from Doubleview WA I will be happy to oblige.


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