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Here are some useful conversions and measurements you might need.

Measuring Cups

Dry Ingredients
When using a measuring cup shake the dry ingredients loosely. DO NOT tap the cup or push down the ingredients unless the recipe tells you to. Level the top of the measuring cup / spoon with a knife.

Liquid Ingredients
When measuring liquids make sure you place the cup on a flat surface to check your accuracy at eye level.

Dry Measurements

Metric                                  Imperial

15g                                         ½ oz.

30g                                         1 oz.

60g                                         2 oz.

90g                                         3 oz.

125g                                       4 oz. (1/4 lb)

155g                                       5 oz.

185g                                       6 oz.

220g                                       7 oz.

250g                                       8 oz. (1/2 lb)

280g                                       9 oz.

315g                                       10 oz.

345g                                       11 oz.

375g                                       12 oz. (1/2lb)

410g                                       13 oz.

440g                                       14 oz.

470g                                       15 oz.

500g                                       16oz (1lb)

750g                                       24oz (1 ½ lb)

1kg                                         32oz (2lb


Liquid Measurements

Metric                                  Imperial

30ml                                      1 fluid oz

60ml                                      2 fluid oz

100ml                                    3 fluid oz

125ml                                    4 fluid oz

150ml                                    5 fluid oz. (1/4 pint / 1 gill)

190ml                                    6 fluid oz

250ml                                    8 fluid oz

300ml                                    10 fluid oz. (1/2 pint)

500ml                                    16 fluid oz

600ml                                    20 fluid oz. (1 pint)

1000ml (1 Litre)                 1 ¾ pints


Millimetres and Centimetres to Inches

Metric                                  Imperial

3mm                                      1/8 in

6mm                                      ¼ in

1cm                                        ½ in

2cm                                        ¾ in

2.5cm                                    1 in

5cm                                        2 in

6.5cm                                    2 ½ in

8cm                                        3 in

10cm                                     4 in

13cm                                     5 in

15cm                                     6 in

18cm                                     7 in

20cm                                     8 in

23cm                                     9 in

25cm                                     10 in

28cm                                     11 in

30cm                                     12 in (1 foot)


Spoons and cups to Millilitres

 Spoon / Cup                      Millilitres

1 teaspoon                             5ml

1 tablespoon                         20ml

1/5 cup                                  50ml

¼ cup                                   62.5ml

1/3 cup                                  83ml

2/5 cup                                 100ml

½ cup                                    125ml

3/5 cup                                 150ml

2/3 cup                                 166ml

¾ cup                                    175ml

4/5 cup                                 200ml

1 cup                                     250ml


If you have any other measurements and conversions you find useful please let me know by leaving a comment below.


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