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Oven Temperatures

Note: Always check your ovens manufacturers manual

Description °C °F
Cool Oven 90°C 200°F
Very Slow Oven 120°C 250°F
Slow Oven 150–160°C 300–325°F
Moderately Slow 160–180°C 325–350°F
Moderate Oven 180–190°C 350–375°F
Moderately Hot 190–200°C 375–400°F
Hot Oven 200–230°C 400–450°F
Very Hot Oven 230–260°C 450–500°F
Fast Oven 230–260°C 450–500°F

Information obtained from: Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia.


Are there any other useful temperature charts that you think would be useful to include on this page? If so comment below and I’ll update the page with the information.



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