The Freezer

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The Freezer

The Freezer

Freezer Information

  • When you freeze food it slows the aging process, it doesn’t stop it.

Freezer Containers and Wrappings

  • When using plastic freezer bags flatten the contents if possible and expel the air from the bag. Use sticky tape to seal the contents.
  • Always leave room for expansion in containers that you are freezing food in, never fill them to the brim.
  • Use foil containers for food that requires reheating in the oven, this way you save on dishes and can use the same container.
  • Use microwave safe containers for the same reason as above…no one likes extra dishes.
  • Don’t forget to label your food with the name of the dish and expiry date. Always use a waterproof pen otherwise your going to be wondering what’s inside after the writing has rubbed off.

Freezing Safely

  • When cooking something from the freezer (i.e. meat) make sure its defrosted properly first or you run the risk of it not cooking properly.
  • If you’ve defrosted something you can’t chuck it back in the freezer again. You need to cook it to be able to freeze it again.


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