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  • The main two types of butter are salted and unsalted.
  • A stick of butter is 125g.

Butter – Clarified

  • Butter that has had the milk solids removed so that it doesn’t burn on a high heat.
  • You can clarify unsalted butter in the microwave. Simply place it in a microwave safe container on a medium setting for about 90 seconds, remove and the milk solids will separate from the butterfat. Skim off the butterfat and discard the milk solids.


  • A lower fat substitute for dairy products such as cream or sour cream.
  • Used in baking and in salad dressings.
  • Buttermilk is the milk left after cream has been made into butter.
  • Low in fat and slightly acidic.

Cheese – Blue

  • A mould treated chees with blue veining.
  • Also known as Blue Vein Cheese.
  • Come in firm and crumbly forms.

Cheese – Bocconcini

  • Small round baby mozzarella which is white, soft and delicate.
  • Spoils rapidly.
  • Stored refrigerated in brine.

Cheese – Cheddar

  • Also known as tasty cheese.
  • An aged hard cheese.

Cheese – Cheddar (Smoked)

  • An aged hard cheese that has been placed uncut in a smoke room.
  • Can also be artificially smoked by adding the smoky flavour to the milk before the cheese is made.

Cheese – Fetta

  • Made from goat or sheep milk.
  • Has a sharp salty taste.

Cheese – Fontina

  • Semi – firm cheese that is yellow in appearance.
  • An Italian cheese.
  • This cheese melts well and has a slightly nutty flavour.

Cheese – Haloumi

  • Firm cream-colored sheep milk cheese matured in brine.
  • This cheese can be grilled or fried without breaking down.

Cheese – Mascarpone

  • An Italian cheese with a sour cream flavour

Cheese – Mozzarella

  • A semi soft cheese.
  • Mozzarella has a low melting point and a stringy texture when hot.

Cheese – Parmesan

  • A dry hard cheese with a sharp taste.
  • Made from skim or part skim milk.
  • Aged at least 1 year.
  • Available grated or in a piece.

Cheese – Pepato

  • A sharp and tangy cheese studded with black peppercorns.
  • You can substitute this cheese with Romano or parmesan and add peppercorns.

Cheese – Philadelphia

  • A soft milk cheese with no less than 33% butterfat.

Cheese Ricotta

  • A sweet fairly moist fresh curd cheese.
  • Low fat content.

Cheese – Romano

  • A hard sharp tangy cheese that has a grainy texture.

Cream – Crème Fresh

  • A mature fermented cream.
  • Minimum fat content 35%.
  • It has a slightly tangy flavour and is a similar thickness to sour cream.
  • You can make crème fresh by adding 1 tablespoon of yoghurt or buttermilk to 1 cup of thickened cream at room temperature.

Cream – Fresh

  • Also known as pure cream or pouring cream.
  • Minimum fat content 35%.
  • Has no additives like commercially thickened cream.

Cream – Sour

  • Commercially cultured.
  • Minimum fat content 35%.

Cream – Thickened

  • Cream with added gelatine.
  • Minimum fat content 35%.


  • The best place to keep your eggs is in the fridge.
  • Eggs last for about 6 weeks in the fridge.
  • Basic or standard eggs come from battery hens.
  • Barn eggs come from hens kept in closed barns.
  • Free range eggs come from hens who are  kept in barns but are aloud to go outside during the day.
  • Woodland eggs come from hens who are kept in barns but aloud to go outside into establish woodlands.
  • Organic eggs come from hens with a natural diet who get to cluck around outside and apparently have spacious accommodation in the barn.


Do you have any dairy information that you could contribute to this page? If so leave a comment below.


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