Herbs – Dried

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Dried Herbs

Herbs – Dried

I’m not a huge fan of dried herbs but sometimes there’s no other option. Cases like these include:

  • You’ve just been to the shops and have started to grab your ingredients together to make dinner and then you realise you didn’t pick up one of the herbs.
  • The recipe actually states to use the dried herb.
  • You can’t source the fresh herb anywhere.

Dried herbs can be cheaper than fresh herbs especially if your like me and seem to kill every plant you put in your garden. Either that or the dog has a good munch on it, uproots it and drags it around the backyard. Dried herbs should be only kept for 9 months, make sure you test them before you use them by grinding a pinch of it up in between your fingers and seeing if it releases an aroma.



  • Dried basil does not pack a punch like fresh basil.



  • Marjoram is apparently part of the mint family.



  • Oregano is another herb from the mint family.
  • Dried oregano is often used to flavour Greek salads.


Parsley - Dried

  • Dried parsley keeps longer than frozen parsley.



  • You can dry your own rosemary by hanging sticks of it upside down in a cool dry place.



  • Thyme can develop a mustiness if stored for too long, always check it before you add it to your recipe.

Do you have any further information for our dried herbs section? I’d especially love it if you could tell us about how you dry your own herbs! If so please leave a comment below.



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