Meats – Processed

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Processed Meat

Meats – Processed

With all the different processed meats available these days its hard to keep track of what’s available and what’s actually in them. Below is an evolving list of processed meats that I’ve come across that are available at local supermarkets and butchers all over the world.


  • A Spanish air-cured sausage.
  • Usually made from coarsely ground pork and seasoned with garlic and chilli’s.

Lap Cheung – Chinese Sausage

  • A sweet red dried pork sausage.
  • Come in many varieties.


  • An Italian salt cured pork.
  • Usually cut from the belly of the pork.


  • Also known as Parma Ham
  • Salted air dried ham usually used raw.
  • Adds a layer of salty bacon to dishes.


Do you have any further information on the processed meats above, or even one to add to the list?????. Please comment below to contribute to the page.


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