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My Inspiration

My Inspiration

I’ve gathered inspiration for the recipes and ideas on this website from many different sources such as friends and family recipes, restaurant meals, the internet, TV cooking shows and magazines.

In our house shows like Man Finds food and Chow Masters are watched with a pen and paper in hand, the remote constantly switching from pause to play as I scrawl down all the ingredients mentioned in the golden skillet winning dishes and secret off the menu food. No I don’t get the measurements for the ingredients in the recipes but that’s not stopping me! Just hearing about new ideas with food is enough for me! Try some Kim Chee Pickle in your Cuban Sandwich……Well why the hell not! How do I make myself some of that Kim Chee Pickle…..

Most people who know me have a fair idea of how much I love to cook and entertain, for Christmas I got the beautiful bowls pictured above from a friend of mine. To me they scream fill me with beautiful red salsa, bright green guacamole and some beautify yellow corn chips! As you can tell from the photos on my website I’ve been privileged to receive allot of beautiful dishes that inspire me to fill them with beautiful food.

I also love cookbooks, in fact I think I may be a little obsessed with them. The following is a list of cookbooks that may have given me general ideas for the recipes on this site or I may have produced a variation of their dish.

  • 30 – Minutes or Less Favourite Food – Parragon
  • A Culinary Journey – Peter Gordon
  • Fast Food – Recipes from the F Word – Gordon Ramsay
  • At home with Ben – Ben O’Donoghue
  • Essential Asian – Murdoch Books
  • Comfort Food – Gary Mehigan
  • Bill’s Everyday Asian – Bill Granger
  • Complete Cookery in colour – Chancellor Press
  • COOK – Extraordinary food for everyday living – Tupperware
  • Eating in – Philip Johnson
  • COOK with Jamie – Jamie Oliver
  • The Make it yourself gift book – Readers Digest
  • Cook with Love – The Pete Evans Collection
  • Deli food to make at home – Family Circle
  • Double Delicious – Jessica Seinfeld
  • Everyday Gourmet Lunches – Food Love
  • Favourite Mexican Recipe’s – Old El Paso
  • Food with Friends – Allan Campion and Michele Curtis
  • Fresh Food Cooking for Beautiful Breakfasts and Brunches – R & R Publishing
  • Fruit and Vegetable Cookbook – Woman’s Weekly
  • Golden Flavours of Summer – Peter Doyle
  • Greek Cookery from the Hellenic Heart – George Calombaris
  • Healthy Heart Cookbook – Women’s Weekly
  • The CSIRO total wellbeing diet – Dr Manny Noakes with Dr Peter Clifton
  • Healthy Mediterranean Cookbook – Joanna Farrow & Jacqueline Clark
  • Heston Blumenthal at Home – Heston Blumenthal
  • Jamie’s Garden – Jamie Oliver
  • Le Cordon Bleu Home Collection – Salads
  • Matt Moran – Matt Moran
  • Meals from the freezer – Woman’s Weekly
  • My Table – Food For Entertaining – Pete Evans
  • One Pot Cooking – Vincent Square Books
  • Our Family Table – Julie Goodwin
  • The Press Club – George Calombaris
  • Outdoor Entertaining – Lynne Humphries
  • Simple Food – Jill Dupleix
  • Simply Mexican – Lourdes Castro
  • Summer Favourites – Super Food Ideas
  • Tasty Low Fat Recipes – Family Circle
  • The Australian Gas Cookbook – The Australian Gas Association
  • Counter Meal – David Carr & Ned Meldrum
  • The Christmas Book – Women’s Weekly
  • The Complete Christmas Cookbook – Bay Books
  • Easy Weekends – Neil Perry
  • The Essential Caribbean Cooking – Heather Thomas
  • The Essential Soup Cookbook – Women’s Weekly
  • MasterChef Australia – The Ultimate Entertainer
  • The Good Cook Preserving – Time Life Books
  • My Kitchen Rules – The Cookbook Season 3
  • True Blood Drinks & Bites – Dawn Yanagihara
  • The Around The World Cookbook – Hermes House
  • True Blood Eats, Drinks and Bites from Bon Temps – Marcelle Bienvenu
  • Vegetables for all seasons – Bay Books Cookery Collection
  • Visual Delights – Nathalie Hambro
  • The Book of Preserves – The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • The Complete Book of Preserves and Pickles, Jams Jellies, Chutneys and Relish – Catherine Atkinson & Maggie Mayhew
  • Everyday Gourmet Dinners – Love Food
  • MKR My Rules – The Cookbook No 4
  • Healthy Appetite – Gordon Ramsay
  • Cooking for Friends – Gordon Ramsay
  • Favourite Things – New Idea
  • MasterChef Australia – The Ultimate MasterChef
  • The BIG Book of one pot – Love Food
  • Salads, simple, fast and fresh – The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • Almost Vegetarian – The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • Meals in Minutes Chicken – The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • Cooking with Conscience – Michelle Trute
  • The book of Tapas – Simone & Ines Ortega
  • Good Cooking – Good Housekeeping
  • The complete Chinese cookbook – Emma Callery
  • The complete book of Sushi – Hideo Dekura, Bridgid Treloar and Ryuichi Yoshii
  • MasterChef Australia – The Ultimate Home Cook
  • Slow Cooker – Easy, time-saving and delicious – Love Food
  • Pressure Cooking – The new way to cook fast – Women’s Weekly
  • The Ultimate Cocktail Book – Hamlyn
  • Death by Chocolate – Marcel Desaulniers
  • Heston’s Fantastical Feasts – Heston Blumenthal
  • Pressure Cooker – The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • 200 Best Pressure Cooker Recipe’s – Cinda Chavich
  • Pressure Cookers – More than 100 East Recipe’s – – Murdoch Books
  • Preserving – Emma Macdonald
  • Quick and Easy – More than 100 recipe’s for the busy cook – Murdoch Books
  • My Table – Eating your way around the world – Granite Transformations
  • 365 Easy One- Dish Recipe’s _ Hinkler Books
  • Little Vietnam – Nhut Huynh
  • The Working Mum Series – Fast Dinners – The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • Easy Entertaining – The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • Old Fashioned Desserts – The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • Masters of Menu Recipe Book – Eyers Rocket
  • Real Family Food – Tana Ramsay
  • The Basic Cookbook – Thermomix
  • The Cooks Companion – Stephanie Alexander
  • Encyclopaedia of Food and Cookery – Margaret Fulton
  • Mastering the Art of French Cooking – Child, Bertholle & Beck
  • Stephanie Alexander – Stephanie’s Journal
  • Good Food Cookbook – Margo Oliver
  • Fabulous food, minus the boombah – Jane Kennedy
  • Simply Delicious Cooking – Ron Kalenuik
  • Kitchen – Recipes for the heart of the home – Nigella Lawson
  • Biscuits and slices – The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • Australian Food – Recipes for home chefs by leading chefs and food writers – Introduction by Alan Saunders
  • Australian Camp Oven Cooking – Jo Clews
  • Rockpool Bar & Grill – Neil Perry (This one has been signed by the man himself!!!!!…..Love you Neil!!!!!)
  • Jamie’s 15 minute meals – Jamie Oliver
  • Desserts, Puddings & Ices – Bay Books
  • Simply Heaven – Volume 3 – Chocolate – 75 PHILADELPHIA recipes for lovers of CADBURY Chocolate
  • MasterChef Australia – The Cookbook – Volume One
  • Jamie at Home – Jamie Oliver
  • Cooking with Passion – Ian Parmenter
  • The Best Ever Italian Cookbook – Carla Capalbo
  • Gennaro Contaldo’s Italian Cookbook – Gennaro Contaldo
  • Cooking Class Cookbook – Women’s Weekly
  • Nancy Lam Stirs it Up – Nancy Lam
  • Chocolate Cakes – Women’s Weekly
  • Gorgeous Biscuits – Family Circle
  • The Fondue Cookbook – Gina Steer
  • Tukka – Real Australian Food – Jean-Paul Bruneteau
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – The Best of Australia Food – Food Media Club Australia Inc.
  • Modern Mexican – Old El Paso
  • The New Pasta Cookbook – Bay Cookery Collection
  • Trattoria Pasta – Loukie Werle
  • Tuscan Summer – Audrey Gordom
  • Save with Jamie – Jamie Oliver
  • Short-Order Cook – Women’s Weekly
  • One Pot – Low-Fuss Food For Busy People – Women’s Weekly
  • Balance and Harmony – The Secret to Asian Cooking – Neil Perry
  • The Essential Cookbook – Love Food
  • Chow Down – Geoff Lindsay
  • The Family Circle Recipe Encyclopaedia – Family Circle
  • Country Classics – Country Women’s Association of Australia
  • Living in the 21st Century with Diabetes – Peggy Stacy

This is the fourth upload of cookbooks……I’ve got more to come still!!! And by the way I make sure I acknowledge the source if I’m messing with other people’s recipe’s. It’s only fair to acknowledge the creator with a round of applause!

My greatest inspiration is the smile on a persons face when they eat something I’ve made and they like it….even better is when they love it and go back for seconds. I think that’s one of the best things about cooking, your able to make someone else
happy, satisfied, content and full!

What inspires your cooking? I’d love to know! Why not tell me with a comment below?


18 replies

  1. I’m inspired to be able to cook some well-loved and sure-fire recipes that we as a family all know and love.. when you sms a family member who lives away from home and tell them their favourite Catalan Hot Pot is on the menu and they say “Im coming over!!” that inspires me. Trying to cook new things is scary but rewarding just like life.


  2. You are a person after my own heart. I love to get recipes from others and books and then make it my own. Happy cooking!



  3. Thanks for the follow…you got it all going on here, congratulations, Denise


  4. Thanks for the follow, you have got it all going on here – congratulations. Denise PS LOVE LOVE LOVE the bowls


  5. Oh my goodness that is a long list of books! Have you heard of eatyourbooks? Check them out (just add the www’s and the .com either end – don’t want to be hyper linking in your comments – but the perfect place to catalogue your cookbooks and you can search for your own recipes. Anyway – I’m glad you stopped by my burgeoning blog and that I found you – great great blog! And yes those bowls are totally salsa, guacamole and chips!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Fussy Foodie! No I’ve never heard of eat your books, I’ll definitely be checking it out. Unfortunately my cook book addiction is far greater than what I’ve listed on my site. I thought people might become a little board scrolling through hundreds of cookbooks.
      I’ll be eagerly waiting for your next post! Keep on cooking 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Woah, geez. You only have a ton of useful information here, a lot of which I didn’t know before. Thanks for the follow; totally following back!

    I’m inspired by watching and playing video games, as well as a bunch of other things from geek culture. The boyfriend helps, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I haven’t explored your whole site yet but I have to say it seems very honest, no distracting elements and the fact that you listed everything that inspires you. Plus really like the idea of categorizing food according to procedures rather than ingredients.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Many thanks for popping over to my page! Hope you liked it! Merry Christmas! x

    Liked by 1 person

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